The Voice, The Soul,
The Passion.

About David

Every once in a while someone extraordinary emerges with the power to transcend and captivate. David DeVito’s voice is at once overwhelming in its power and astonishing in its beauty.

World Class, is the only way to describe this multifaceted man who has captivated audiences for years with a versitile array of songs to tantilise every palate from Dramatic Opera to Pop Rock and Blues.

David De Vito has enjoyed a successful career of songwriting, stage, film and television and is at home in front of small audiences as he is in front of thousands.

Be dazzled as you will experirence soulful original songs complemented by his incredible renditions of some of the most renowned songs in history.

So share in the magic, join a musically profound journey, impeccably Presented by one charismatic and multitalented David De Vito.

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Albums by David

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Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, that's all I can say. That was sensational and everyone here just leaped to their feet. Congratulations

Kyle Sandilands, Judge - Australia's Got Talent